Family Data Form Instructions


The attached data form will be used to construct our family lineage thru the software program. Please complete and return this form by
MAY 2nd. This will allow us sufficient time to conduct any
additional research to ensure a accurate data collection representing your family unit. Because everyone
may not have a PDF reader installed on their system, I have embedded this link
 to get a free downloadable reader. This will allow you to fill out your form. The instructions are as follows.

Select Form format PDF

Download or Save As.. to your Documents folder.

As a Descendent (branch) member of the Richardson Family tree, add your Family Surname (Richardson,      Allen, Wright) in the Highlighted
Name box.

In the highlighted boxes (if applicable) continue to add the requested data of your family unit. Please
include middle names & include Sr. or Jr. etc.. If you represent a blended family (ie..previous marriage,
adoption, partnership relationship etc.), please group each family unit on a separate sheet. There is no judgement here, only factual data needed to complete an accurate view of the Richardson family profile.

Notes:  Don’t worry about which country unless the birth was outside the US.

Upon completion, please email form back to:
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me:
@ or 240-832-1652 (mobile) and I will gladly assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation.


To download/print these instructions , Crtl+Click the  link below:                            
             (Written Instructions)


" Family Data Form.pdf

Crtl-Click on the link listed listed below" and "Download" to your computer.